Our Story

Welcome to Mojo Video Solutions. We are a husband and wife team who decided to make a huge career change. I (Ginger) am all things creative. My husband (Tim) is all things technical. Together we, and our lovable pooch (Mojo), decided to take a serious hobby to the next level and we started our own business. Our clients are our family and producing videos is our passion.

I remember doing a video shoot with a new client, Eric Dueck, recently. He was wanting to communicate his decision to move to Russia to help facilitate a small orphanage. He came well prepared; script in hand. We loaded up the teleprompter and made good use of our time together. Before calling it a day, I remember my husband asking Eric if he wouldn't mind answering a few questions on film. What happened next changed everything.

Eric began to tell us several experiences he had in his many trips to Russia. One of his stories left us in stunned silence.

Powerful videos don't just happen. They come from a desire to make every video the best it can be. When you love what you do, it shows up in your work.

Ginger Hohm

Owner, Sales Representative and Post-Production Specialist

Her passions include music, biking, scouting for the perfect coffee spot and long walks with her side-kick, Mojo.

Tim Hohm

Videographer, Photographer, Web Design, Graphic Design, Audio Engineer

His passions include keeping up with the latest trends in technology, continuing education and binge watching British Television series.


Mojo the Dog

Mascot, "They named the company after me!"

Mojo is our cockapoo! He was born August 2012. He keeps us entertained and is great at welcoming us home and greeting our clients when they arrive. He spends his day sleeping at my feet, chasing squirrels and long walks in the park.